Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Crawl Space Mold Remediation

Fungal growth can be commonly found in the crawlspace thriving on floor joists.  SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston offers mold remediation estimates and services. Pictured is a home floor joist that we recently cleaned from the ravages of mold growth. 

Air Scrubber

What exactly is an air scrubber? This is tool our team uses to filter out the mold spores that may have been missed during the cleaning process. Mold spores are tiny and it dose not take much effort to get them airborne. Once airborne they migrate to other areas and that can be an issue down the road.

Mold Containment

Containing Mold

During a mold mediation job it is important for a mediation company to create barriers and contain the area which is effected. This helps prevent cross contamination in areas which are not effected. This prevent the spreading of the mold infestation.