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major damage to an apartment complex with heavy roof damage.

Major Apartment Complex Fire

This structure damage was caused by a major fire in one of the apartments at this apartment building in Newburg, Indiana. We were called in to assist with the restoration of this buidling.

a 53' SERVPRO trailer at commercial building to help cleanup due to a flood in Louisiana

Flooding In Louisiana

During a major storm event in Louisiana, our commercial large loss division was dispatched to Louisiana CAT to help with cleaning up their facility which suffered quite a bit of flood damage from water and mud. Our large loss traveling team routinely travels to these types of events to help communities cleanup after a storm event.

A trailer mounted Desiccant drying out a school gymnasium

Commercial Trailer Mounted Desiccant

Trailer Mounted Desiccant pumping in warm dry air into a school that received extensive water damage. 

Our desiccant helps the process of bringing the affected area back to a state of dryness and is mainly used for commercial losses where there is much more square footage that is affected. More specifically, it helps mitigate water damage. For larger scale losses, it acts as a large dehumidifier utilizes a generator to help with the process. 

several SERVPRO employees cleaning a warehouse and its  contents from a fire.

Warehouse Smoke Damage

This was a recent fire and smoke clean up project our large loss division was called out to assist in the restoration of the warehouse. SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston cleaned the entire facility top to bottom. It was 25,000 square feet! 

Project managers setting up one of SERVPRO's Mobile Command trailers

Mobile Command Center Setup

This is one of our 53' mobile command trailers being setup onsite while they are restoring a commercial building from a fire.

2 SERVPRO technicians extracting water from carpet with an extractor in a classroom

Water Extraction

2 SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston technicians extracting water from carpet at as commercial facility. Our experience and approach to water removal and water cleanup enable us to properly dry and restore your property back to its preloss state.

2 53' semi trailers loaded with equipment that was deployed to a large fire

We Have The Resources & Equipment To Handle Your Project

When it comes to equipment, SERVPRO has a fleet of semi trailers packed with everything from dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, cleaning chemicals and specialized equipment. We keep several of these completely stocked and ready to hit the road when called upon.

a 53' commercial semi trailer with company graphics on the side

Large Loss Mobile Command Center

This is one of our mobile command centers that recently was deployed to a commercial large loss. Our project managers can manage all aspects of the job onsite from this well equipped mobile office.

Overhead shot of our Corporate Headquarters

Over 2 Decades and Still Growing!

Why SERVPRO you ask?

Because TEAM WOLFE has been in the south central Illinois region for over 20+ years continually expanding our award winning restoration services and our footprint in the Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston regions along with our growing commercial Large Loss traveling team! Not only have we expanded our restoration services and our team of expert IICRC certified staff, in the last 2 years we have grown our commercial reconstruction division by leaps and bounds! We seen the need for quality reconstruction and new construction services in the region and also the need to fill a void with contracting oversight with our large Loss Division. It truly has been a complete success story and we look to service our growing customer base for many years to come!

Storm Damage

During heavy rains and storms flooding occurs in low lying areas and flood zones.  When the water rises to a certain depth within a structure it may be necessary to perform a flood cut.  Here you can see where we assisted a resident that had an enormous amount of rising water.  SERPVRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston performed a flood cut. Not only did they do that they cleaned the debris and removed it from the home.  The last thing to do was set drying equipment out to further dry the structure.

Water Damage at H&R Block

Every water damage event is a little different and requires a unique solution, but the general process stays the same. Here is what we walked into at an H&R Block location where they were in need of our services.

When your home or commercial property has water damage from flooding or leaks, we have the expertise and equipment to properly restore your property. Our experience and scientific approach to water removal and water cleanup enable us to properly dry and restore your property.

Water or Flood Damage?
Call Today – (217) 536-6655

We will get our team of cleanup specialists coming your way to minimize the damage and get you back up and running.

Extensive Water Damage at School

This is what our team saw upon entering the school.

When facing several inches of water in a commercial building, you don't want to leave this catastrophe to non professionals. Our Disaster Recovery Team has the knowledge base, the human resources and the specialized equipment to handle a catastrophic water loss like the one pictured. 

Broken Pipe In Ceiling

You can see that a broken overhead water line can create quite a bit of damage. Call the water damage specialists at SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston for your cleanup disaster!

One Call to (217) 536-6655 will get us deployed to your Location and immediately start cleaning up the damage to get you back to normal.

A SERVPRO trailer parked in front of a city municipal building

Large Loss Deployment

Our Large Loss Division was dispatched to municipality in Jefferson City, MO. after tornado hit the region. We routinely travel to these events across the country to help restore communities that have been hit by tornadoes or floods.

Bio Cleaning

Did you know here at SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston we also do Bio-hazard cleanup? 

This is a service not very many people know about, and we want to get to word out that we offer this. 

Contact us today at (217) 536-6655 if you are needing any bio-hazard cleaning done at your home or business. 

Crawl Space Mold Remediation

Fungal growth can be commonly found in the crawlspace thriving on floor joists.  SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston offers mold remediation estimates and services. Pictured is a home floor joist that we recently cleaned from the ravages of mold growth. 

Housing Authority Fire Damage

This was a fire we had to help clean up recently. These are the pictures of a unit within St. Clair Housing Authority in Illinois. We took this project from mitigation through reconstruction. We turned this unit in less than 60 days. The only delay was getting some windows from clients preferred vendor.

SERVPRO takes on Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was a category 4 storm that hit Texas in August of 2017. It caused billions of dollars of damage to the Southern part of Texas. 

Our SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon Charleston Extreme Team traveled down to Southern Texas to help out anyone in need of cleaning up service from the Storm that hit. 

Air Scrubber

What exactly is an air scrubber? This is tool our team uses to filter out the mold spores that may have been missed during the cleaning process. Mold spores are tiny and it dose not take much effort to get them airborne. Once airborne they migrate to other areas and that can be an issue down the road.

Cryogenic Cleaning

Ice Blasting

Have you ever heard of ice blasting? Cryogenic Cleaning or Dry Ice Blasting is a form of carbon dioxide cleaning where dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, is accelerated in a pressurized air stream and directed at a surface in order to clean it. This is a common thing we do for clients that have fires. 

Mold Containment

Containing Mold

During a mold mediation job it is important for a mediation company to create barriers and contain the area which is effected. This helps prevent cross contamination in areas which are not effected. This prevent the spreading of the mold infestation.

Fires Happen Unexpectedly

Fires don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston provides emergency cleaning and restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including all holidays. We simply do not shut down because we know that our customers that depend on us may need us and day, any hour regardless of what day it is.

Be sure to give the cleanup team at SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston a call today at (217) 536-6655! 

Regardless of what day of the week or what time it is, we will be there to answer the call!

Regardless the Size of Loss, We Have You Covered

So you suffered a catastrophe, we get it. Nobody does it better, nobody does it faster and no one in the industry can provide you with the resources needed to accomplish the job at hand better than SERVPRO. Regardless the size, we have you covered and will get you back to normal with minimal business interruption due to our incredible resources at our disposal.

Because We Have the Resources You Need!

No Power?, No problem! Whatever the situation, we have the solution. Whether it be portable power, large equipment needs, or even a place to work out of like our mobile command center. On large commercial needs, we travel with everything we need to provide our customers the necessary resources to get the job done. Nobody does it better than SERVPRO! 

Faster to Any Size Disaster

Fire and water emergencies don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston provides emergency building stabilization, cleaning and restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including all holidays.


Here at SERVPRO, we keep a fresh fleet of late model vehicles and equipment to serve you, "Our Valued Customers." We are continually upgrading our vehicles, truck mounts and other drying equipment to make sure we have reliable resources to handle to daily demands of a 24/7 restoration company. The last thing you need in an emergency is for the company you call out to handle your disaster is ready. We take a proactive approach so when you call us, we are prepared to handle any given obstacle needing a solution. We are the problem solvers.


At SERVPRO of Carbondale-Marion, "WE" have resources! With several 53' fully stock trailers, 15KW Generators, trailer mounted desiccants and a full warehouse of consumables. TEAM WOLFE has everything we need to be on the road heading to the next disaster at a moments notice. 

When Disaster Strikes, Call SERVPRO of Effingham-Mattoon-Charleston at (217) 536-6655.


He is Chuck Remm (Marketing Manager) picking up our latest addition to our SERVPRO fleet of vehicles to serve our customers. This baby has a fresh truck mount commercial extraction unit in it ans we will get years of reliable service out of her.

Call the cleanup team at (217) 536-6655 if you want reliable fast service with dependable equipment and resources to handle your disaster.


Specialized concentrated drying technique. At SERVPRO of Effingham-Mattoon-Charleston, we are always developing unique ways to save and restore the most complex substrates. Our drying methods saves the customer and the insurance company from costly replacement vs restoring. 

Call us at (217) 536-6655


This was one of these suites we flood cutted, cleaned and sanitized after a major flood event. SERVPRO of Effingham-Mattoon-Charleston can handle any type of disaster. We have the knowledge, the resources and the equipment to restore your business after a flood.

Trailer Mounted Generator & Desiccant


Be sure and call us at (217) 536-6655 for all your commercial Large Loss needs.

We roll out these babies when we need additional power and drying capabilities.


At SERVPRO of Effingham-Mattoon-Charleston, we have at our disposal several 53' stocked trailers and trailer mounted 15KW Generator / Desiccant combos that really can expedite building stabilization when time is of the essence and where additional power is needed.   

FLOOD DAMAGE at a Textile Facilities Warehouse

This was the aftermath of what happened after a flood that this client suffered. Although it may look overwhelming, our team had it cleaned up in a jiffy. Most companies are unbelievably surprised how fast we can clean up the damage, regardless of how severe it may look.

Call the cleanup specialists at SERVPRO of Effingam-Mattoon-Charleston at (217-536-6655 for all your flood disasters.

St. Francis Medical Center

Our Large Loss Division was deployed to help out a local franchise on this particular commercial Large Loss project.

St. Francis Medical Center's new wing under construction suffered a major water damage. TEAM WOLFE Extreme team responded to mitigate the loss.

This Medical Center is located in Cape Girardeau, MO.

OUR TEAM IS ALWAYS READY TO DEPLOY, Call us at: (217) 536-6655.

Mobile Command Center

This is our mobile command center for our Disaster Recovery Division. Team Wolfe Extreme Team travels nationwide to catastrophic events.

When your disaster requires onsite 24/7 management, look no further! TEAM WOLFE has a dedicated staff that will be onsite every day until the job is complete!

Southeast Missouri University

Major fire damage at SEMO in Cape Girardeau, MO. Our Extreme Team was deployed by the request of the local SERVPRO franchise to help assist and mitigate the loss. SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team did a exemplary job returning SEMO to preloss condition.

Our Large Loss team done an outstanding job and we delivered!