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Check Your Appliances / Water Damage Culprits

9/22/2021 (Permalink)

a picture of various appliances in the home Household Appliances

Unchecked Appliances can cause major water damage

Many household appliances utilize water to operate. Dishwashers, refrigerator ice machines and washing machines just to name a few can wreck havoc if not examined and serviced on a regular basis. Let's discuss refrigerators as an example since this appliance runs continually 24/7, 365 days a year. It can start leaking at the most inconvenient time, resulting in water damage throughout your kitchen. It is important to remain mindful of situations that can cause your refrigerator to leak and catch water damage as soon as it forms.

Most Water Damage Begins Unnoticed behind the appliance.

When you are around your refrigerator, you are probably not looking for leaks. Refrigerator leaks tend to start small and gradually grow to become a bigger problem. You might experience a leak coming from the ice maker, a leaky hose, or the water hookup. 

Generally, any leaks coming from an ice maker are the result of built-up condensation and/or a faulty hookup. This can block the draining system and end up leaking through the inside of your fridge and the seals. In addition, a leaky hose can be the result of having the refrigerator pushed up too close against the wall, bending the hose and causing a break and subsequent leak. When connecting water lines to your refrigerator, make sure not to push it as far back as possible to avoid damaging the hose or line. The water hookup can sometimes spring a leak or may drip, which can go unseen for months and eventually cause  major problems including a very nasty mold situation.

Overtime, water leaks can lead to  very costly repairs. Depending on the type of leak, you can experience rotting floorboards, mold build up, or a flooded basement. A strong indicator of water damage is wood flooring that separates and warps, or tiles that become loose. It is important to repair or replace the floor quickly to prevent mold from growing in the area.


If you suspect a water leak or notice water damage near your household appliances, call SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston at (217) 536-6655. We will gladly inspect and access the damage and layout a plan of action to remedy the situation.

COVID is on the rise.

9/21/2021 (Permalink)

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Window Logo in a business window Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

With COVID spiking again and all of its variants, the positive numbers are skyrocketing again in South-Central and Southern Illinois causing concern and worry of shutdowns and business interruptions. Many business owners and community leaders throughout our Effingham County and surrounding region are concerned about the impact this trend could have on their business.  As leaders in the cleanup and restoration industry, SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston is here to help clean and sanitize your buildings with our proprietary Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned services providing a safer environment for both your employees and customers in the Effingham, Mattoon and Charleston Illinois region. To help combat these issues, SERVPRO offers a variety of different cleaning options to best suit your needs.  Along with these options, we will also work with you to schedule a cleaning time that fits into your schedule because we care about your business interruptions.

We take great pride in providing the highest possible level of customer service to our clients, and we will strive to help your business keep the doors open and business flowing during these unprecedented times.  To learn more about Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Services, or schedule service, please give us a call at 217-536-6655 today!

When You Have a Fire, You Can Count on SERVPRO

9/2/2021 (Permalink)

man scratching his head looking at a silhouette of a house on fire Fire Damage

Experiencing a fire is something that can disrupt your entire life. Not only do you have to deal with damage to your home or business, but there are also the lingering traumatization of the experience. That's why we are hear, to take all the agonizing decisions of putting your home or business back to it's original condition before the event. We build it back while you heal from what you just went through.

We understand just how difficult experiencing a house or business fire can be, which is why we have invested plenty of resources, equipment and training into making sure we are ready to handle any fire damage you experience. We can handle the damage quickly and comprehensively, so you can have a home and business that is restored to its pre-damage condition as quickly as possible.

You Can Trust SERVPRO

We Can Handle All Aspects of the Damage

Most folks in the Effingham region don't understand how damage from fires in one area of a home or business can effect a completely different part of the building far from the point of origin. It's not about being just where the actual flames were, it's where the secondary damage travels to. Smoke and soot can spread through all areas of your home and business, impacting areas that were nowhere near the initial fire and causing smoke related damage to penetrate the structure and the contents. However, with our extensive cleaning techniques and procedures that SERVPRO utilizes, we can purify the air and remove odors from your contents non porous contents, keepsakes, etc.

We Have a Rapid Response 

When a catastrophic fire event strikes, the last thing you want is to wait on a restoration company’s business hours to respond to your needs. That is why we are here 24/7 and always dispatch a team to you as quickly as possible, so we can get the restoration started right away once we arrive.

We are a Full Service Restoration Provider

After a fire, cleaning up the damage is one thing, but restoring your home to its preloss condition is another. We can take care of all aspects of the restoration process including all phases of reconstruction. Whatever is needed we can provide it. One call to us and we handle all the required services to put your home or business back together.

Call us at (217) 536-6655 for all your restoration and reconstruction needs.

Our Rapid Response to Storm Damage is Essential to Restoring Your Property

7/6/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van in with a thunderstorm brewing in the background South-Central Illinois Storms

When it comes to south-central Illinois storms SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston is “Faster to any size disaster,” and due to the speed we get onsite can provide many benefits for homeowners and business owners with water soaked storm damage. When a roof has been breached from wind and rain, a sewer drain has backed up and overflowed into a finished basement, or water intrusion has entered the home or business from malfunctioning gutters, your home and business need to have that excess water removed as quickly as possible.

Homes and businesses in St. Louis, Bridgeton and Florissant that have excessive water damage from disasters brought on by storms need an industry leader in restoration when water removal services are needed immediately as the first step in restoring your property. Pumping out any water that is visible upon our arrival helps us gain a better visual so we can more easily assess the extent of the overall damage and put together a plan of attack to restore the damage.

Larger amounts of porous materials require more aggressive drying methods than materials that are less porous. Our experience benefits homeowners and businesses in all sorts of disasters by giving us insights into how best to proceed in almost any type of situation imaginable, not only in storm events but overflowing toilets and tubs, exploding water heaters, burst pipes, and flooding from natural sources are only a few of those catastrophes.

Removing water starts the mitigation process. Moisture can find its way into every part of your home or business and creates enormous problems later unless it is captured and removed. Dehumidifiers and air movers can work wonders when used together. Moisture meters provide us with initial readings of wet areas in your home or business that are compared to later readings, showing us our progress in the drying process.

When dry, remaining problems can still exist, such as unusual odors. This is because odors are caused by particles, that although tiny, produce smells when they have been disturbed. We can rectify this problem with odor control methods such as ozoning and the use of deodorants. Other problems that can remain behind include over-stretched carpeting, and we can fix that problem, also.

Because floors are always saturated in a situation where standing water exists, we take great care in ensuring that these surfaces are completely dry. This prevents warping of wooden floors and sub-flooring. Otherwise, walking in your home or business may soon become hazardous for your family and guests.

We can begin water removal efforts so that your home or business is once again as it should be, perfectly dry and back to its preloss condition. Storms and/or water damage can occur at all hours of the day and night, and because of this, we are available 24/7 to take your call. 

When a Storm Damages Your Property, the Initial Cleanup is Just the Beginning

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

Project Manager monitoring a water damage job Monitoring

There are many steps to properly dry out a water damage after a storm.

Here is just a brief overview of the process:

We begin with a detailed inspection of the property, including a damage assessment. At this stage, our professionals are trying to determine the scope of the damage so that we can develop an appropriate plan of action.

After the inspection and damage assessment step, the water extraction process begins. This step removes the majority of the water. We use powerful pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units to quickly remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from your property.

Once the excess water has been removed, the floors and walls may appear dry, but a quick inspection will reveal they are wet to the touch. Nearly all building materials, like wood, drywall, and flooring materials, are porous and therefore retain water. This retained water can cause the materials to break down, warp, or cause mold damage.

Monitoring (Extremely Important):

Monitoring after the initial mitigation and building stabilization of the job site on a daily basis is important. After 24 hours, equipment is manipulated to ensure optimal drying is occurring. This is why we will return to your property regularly to test water damaged materials for moisture and monitor the drying process. We will adjust the water damage restoration equipment and begin removing equipment as soon as areas have reached the proper drying of materials. This will help save you money on unnecessary rentals as well as assure that materials are not over dried causing secondary damage. Every step of the water damage restoration process is monitored and documented thoroughly, and you will have access to these water damage reports at any point during the process.

This is just a brief overview of some of the steps what we do to dry out a building. If you want to learn more about this process click: Water Damage Process

SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston is the only company you need!

6/9/2021 (Permalink)

Construction project manager standing in front of a construction division van. Construction Project Manager

Every South Central Illinois homeowner or business' worst fear is a fire destroying their biggest investment. The emotional and financial impact brought on by a catastrophic event can be staggering and beyond stressful. The last things you want to worry about are fighting your insurance company and getting countless bids from dozens of contractors for all of the trades required to restore your home or business. The process can overwhelming to say the least.

SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston offers our customers a "One-Stop-Shop" for your fire restoration needs saving you precious time, money and your sanity! Your insurance company will look to pay the least amount possible to restore your home. If you’re dealing directly with your adjuster to settle your claim, this leave you having to cut corners on labor and material. Your home or business is the last place you want to cut corners during a reconstruction phase. This is why it is essential to have SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston as your advocate! With our claims experience and extensive restoration knowledge we bring to the table, we can help smooth out a potential bumpy road to recovery.  SERVPRO will be there to assist in the claims process and handle the entire restoration project, providing you with the most efficient and stress-free experience possible to get your home or business back to its preloss condition. Call us today at (217) 536-6655.

Trained Up for the Storm Season

5/19/2021 (Permalink)

picture of a SERVPRO Trainer teaching on the various apps that SERVPRO uses SERVPRO Trainer

SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston are highly trained individuals in storm related property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s Corporate Training Facility to regular IICRC industry certifications, to our own in-house training refresher courses so rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property when a storm hits the region and damages homes and businesses. Our training program assures all of our team has the knowledge to restore your property right the first time and to prel-oss condition! We want our employees to get the "best in industry" training to make sure you choose SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston each and every time when a storm disaster strikes. Here at TEAM WOLFE, we know what we are are doing and we do it right each and every time we are called upon! Call us at (217) 536-6655 for all your restoration needs!

SERVPRO handles all stages of the repair process

4/22/2021 (Permalink)

Mitigation & Construction Divisions coordinating on a fire loss Working Together on all phases of the loss

TEAM WOLFE is a "Full Service" Restoration and Reconstruction Company that handles all aspects of putting your home or business back to its preloss condition. Here we have our Restoration Division collaborating seamlessly with our Construction Division on a recent fire damage project. When faced with a serious disaster to your home or business, a full service restoration company is invaluable. Whether you’ve sustained damage as the result of a fire, flood, storm, or any other unexpected event, you need a Full Service Restoration company in your corner and we respond to your needs immediately. Our professionally trained, IICRC certified technicians will be on-site within one hour of your call, equipped and prepared to start the damage control, cleaning, and restoration process without delay. At TEAM WOLFE, one call takes care of it all from start to finish! Its what all customers should expect from a restoration company and we deliver!

SERVPRO is your Storm Damage Service Provider

4/22/2021 (Permalink)

a severely damaged roof by a storm event and a green sign that reads damage caused by storm severely damaged roof.

Water Damage, wind, hail, strong storms including straight line winds and tornadoes are some of the most common reasons individuals find themselves in need of a structural damage restoration contractor, but that doesn’t make it any more routine for the people involved.

A major storm can turn your home or business into a disaster a disaster area overnight. Thankfully, SERVPRO can help you with all the repairs that your home or business will need to return it to its preloss condition and make it "Like it never even happened."

TEAM WOLFE can provide you with the full service experience so there is no need to call multiple specialty contractors. Our team of mitigation and reconstruction specialists perform all the services that you possibly could need. From debris removal, roofing, plumbing to painting. We handle it all. 

TEAM WOLFE is your "Full Service" restoration service provider.

Don't Wait for An Adjuster to Address Storm Damage

3/9/2021 (Permalink)

A man sleeping on a table with his head down waiting for a call Waiting on a Adjuster is not the best option

Don't Wait For a Property  Adjuster to Arrive After a Storm Damages Your Property

With Spring just a few weeks away, the potential of heavy storms can start to form in the South-Central and Southern Illinois region. With that elevated risk of a major storm sweeping through the Effingham and Coles County region, your home or business can experience wind, hail or water damage that will require immediate building stabilization to reduce the affects of secondary damage. By waiting for adjuster to arrive onsite which could takes days if the region received widespread storm damage, you might think it's to just wait for an adjuster to arrive to make any major decisions. However, this might not be the best decision. Here are just a few reasons why.

1. You May Be Waiting Several Days Before an Adjuster can inspect You Property

During a large storm or a disaster, there will likely be many people who have suffered major storm damage to their homes or businesses. Because of this, it might take a while before an adjuster is able to get to you. There will be quite a few people who are in the same situation that you are, so waiting around while your property is wet and/or exposed can create additional secondary damages that will escalate the cost of repairing it back to preloss condition.

2. Water Damage Only Gets Worse by procrastination

While you are waiting for an adjuster to arrive, the water will continue to affect your house and belongings. If the water is not removed and your property stays wet, you will end up with a much larger problem to deal with. When it is exposed to water for long periods of time, wood can begin to warp and may end up rotting which can affect the structure of the building. Mold damage can occur quickly as well and may begin to spread within 24 hours.

3. It Can Affect Your Insurance Claim by Thousands of Additional Dollars by Waiting

In some cases, doing nothing to prevent further damage can affect the results of your storm insurance claim. You might not be approved for as much as you would have otherwise, and your claim might be denied altogether. Paying for repairs on your own can be expensive, so you want to avoid this if possible.
Instead of waiting for your insurance adjuster, the best thing to do after a storm is to document the damage. Take pictures and make lists of affected areas and items to provide as evidence. Once this has been done, a cleanup and restoration service like SERVPRO can begin mitigation to prevent the damage from worsening while you wait to file your claim.

Call SERVPRO of Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston for all your Spring Storm cleanup & restoration problems at (217) 536-6655. We promise to make them disappear "Like it never even happened."